Anja Whitemyer
Pop Art, Mixed Media, Limited editions and original paintings
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Anja Whitemyer
Anja Whitemyer is an international contemporary pop artist. She is inspired by historic iconic figures and her love of today’s fashion. She uses a creative mix of mediums, merging digital design with various layers of texture found from resin, glitter, paint, and crystals. Her own pencil drawings to fine art oil paintings she uses as backdrops for her digital art collages, to put a modern spin on familiar imagery. Anja’s pop art not only introduces younger generations to these important icons, but also touches on materialism and values of today’s culture. Her admiration for influential persons can be seen in her past and current works, as she creates a playful spin on contemporary culture using prominent branding and bold colors. Guided by her fascination with the differences in communities, fashion, social media she expresses this contrast through her work. Born and raised in Germany Anja grow up with drawing and painting her entire life. Her mother worked in the Fashion industry and her father was an interior designer and artist. Anja got a scholarship at the Hochschule bildende Kuenste im Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg) = University of fine Arts in Hamburg. She worked as a documentary photographer for a lot of artists friends in Europe.
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Fine Art by Marilyn Pink Bubble Black Chanel by Anja Whitemyer Fine Art by Marilyn in Pink by Anja Whitemyer Fine Art by Chanel No 5 by Anja Whitemyer Fine Art by Bond by Anja Whitemyer Fine Art by Audrey in Tiffany by Anja Whitemyer

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Anja Whitemyer