Lisa Herr
Clay and Ceramic Sculptures
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Lisa Herr
I consider my artwork to be a blending of two traditional forms of art into something unique. I call it sculptured illustration. I have been drawn to horses and animals my entire life. I believe they are living works of art. Prom the ‘,-.47‘.1 flow of a horse's mane to the lowered brow of a lion's fierce gaze or the whimsical anatomy of a tree frog to the mythical curves of a seahorse, I see the world through their flow and form. I strive to bring forth their energy and spirit in m artwork. Each 'piece reflects my great love for these animals. I also hope to inspire an understanding of their importance and connection to us and the world. Although my formal art education is in illustration. I have always loved working in clay, and ceramics. That combination is what eventually lead me into becoming one of tie few artists that do high relief sculpture, which is a rarity in the contemporary art world. my work is "sculptured illustration". I do several sketches to plan out the form and anatomy details and then I create each sculpture by hand. I do not use molds, and I never cast my sculptures, so all of my work is one of a kind. I then use a new European glaze that mimics firing in a kiln without having to use a kiln. This allows for endless possibilities beyond the normal ceramic world. Once the glaze has cured, I can add whatever materials inspire me. I especially love searching for found objects like old jewelry or clocks so that I can deconstruct and incorporate them into each piece, to compliment the flow of the animal's unique form. Sometimes a small piece or an intricate frame will inspire me into sculpting something entirely different. I then hand embellish the artwork one tiny piece at a time. It's the little that I love. who knows what I will come up with next?!
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Lisa Herr