David Michael Vaughn
Multi-Sensory Fine Artist: mixed media art with exotic woods, resin, painting, metal leaf, lights and music
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David Michael Vaughn
David Michael Vaughn is a Laguna Beach artist who creates in an innovative new style called. “Multi-Sensory Fine Art”. He makes mixed media artwork with added dimension both physically and conceptually. He also writes and records original musical compositions that accompany the artwork. This combined art form has captivating depth and arouses multiple senses. David explores various passions and artistic skills, reminiscent of a contemporary renaissance. man. Inspired by the nature, beauty, and the artistic lore of Laguna Beach, he chooses exotic wood as a central “canvas” that begins the artwork’s story. Then, working outwards, David assembles layers of resin which encompass hand painted elements, metal leaf, diamond dust accents, film transparencies and sometimes lighting and electronics. Finally, David adds the musicianship that goes into creating the sonic part of the accompanying musical score to complete his multi-sensory master works. David is deeply inspired by the art community that thrives in Laguna Beach. The light and dark balance inherent in the artist’s path and viewpoint are central in his artwork’s narratives. David’s art is visually rich, subtly futuristic in the combination of mediums, and cinematic in its multiple layers. It is initially fascinating, and then details evolve to be discovered and enjoyed over time, yielding potentially timeless compositions. "It is an honor to create these works for you. Each day my passion guides me to make something that can both bring enjoyment and also open a window to the truth hiding in the marvelous and complex life we all share" ~ David Michael Vaughn
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David Michael Vaughn