Contemporary Pop Artist
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A contemporary Pop Artist with direct succession from Andy Warhol, DeVon immerses his audience into one of the most popular, expansive, and culturally permeating movements in our lifetime. Chances are that DeVon’s work has touched on something you’re fond of, vividly exploring the richly deep world of popular culture, television, film, music, magazines, sports, comics, and the who’s who of cool.

Having been thrust into the spotlight in the wake of the death of his late friend, Steve Kaufman, former art assistant to Andy Warhol, DeVon stepped up to fill the shoes of his friend, and those pop artists who came before him, tracing his artist lineage directly back to the father of American Pop Art. Since moving into the spotlight, DeVon’s work has been the subject of over 60 solo artist shows spanning the globe, making its way into museums, important private and corporate collections and deep into the heart of art lovers everywhere.

Sharing the same ground with the pioneers of Pop Art, DeVon merges painting with photography and printmaking. He contextualizes new meaning by collaging torn magazines and books, and submerges his many layers in a thick glossy resin. The final layer of his work is often strewn with paint splatter and encrusted with diamond dust, glitter and jewels. The finished pieces tell an emotional story, a witty celebration of consumer society, filled with a strong sense of optimism, all frozen into a still frame.
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