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Marietta Bajer
Marietta was born in Kraków, Poland to parents who are famous biologists and shared our their 16th century apartment with her mother’s parents. Her father defected to the United States when Marietta was 6 years old. Her grandfather, who was an art historian and poet became her mentor. He not only educated young Marietta about art history and its evolution, but nurtured and encouraged her artistic passion. Marietta’s nuclear family immigrated to the United States 4 years later to face a foreign, unkind world filled with challenges, ridicule and lack of acceptance. Creating art was Marietta’s salvation. It still plays the same role to this day. Her life’s journey lead to a 34 year career in dentistry, serving as a dental Navy officer, inactive reserve as Veteran, private dental practice, and finally realizing her dream as a full time artist.

Marietta’s inspiration comes from nature’s art that surrounds us everywhere we look. Paying attention to the smallest of details elevates one’s senses and heightens the awareness of the miracles our world provides us each day. The brilliant colors, the water reflecting rays of light, the dew drops in the morning sparkling like diamonds, the twinkling stars at night, and the extraordinary limitless universe which surrounds us always inspires new visions of brilliance which Marietta translates into “Outside the Box” striking works of art.

The scope or Marietta’s artwork varied throughout the years from pencil drawings, watercolor, acrylic, oil, clay sculpture, jewelry, and currently multimedia sculptural glass resin art, scratchboard art, and bronzes.

Nothing talks to Marietta like mixed media sculptural resin glass art. When people first see her pieces, the say “I’ve never seen anything like these before...I want one of those!”

The process of creating these pieces is no easy task. They require great attention to detail, design, flawless resin pours, and patience in allowing the resin to flow where it may. Marietta has always yearned to feel the simplicity of contemporary art with its enigmatic visual quality and infinite color palate. Her resin glass sculptural pieces give her just that. Resin permits her free spirit to soar and placement of glamorous embellishments gives her creations some order and refinement. The possibilities are endless.

The glass prisms reflected by dancing rays of light create a sense of wonder, harmony and brilliance as if walking into a jewelry box. They are colorful, active, and radiant, alive with layers of resin interspersed with recycled and reflective glass, shells, mother-of-pearl, mica pigments, and many other remarkable adornments. They echo a vibration of pulsating energy, dancing from every angle, breathing a sense of peace, tranquility and joy into the soul of each viewer. Marietta’s artwork is truly remarkable and evokes an emotional experience felt when in its presence. Photographs and videos do not show the depth or glamour. It is a “Must see” in person.

At the the end of the day, it is the joy and emotion perceived by each client that gives Marietta purpose and deep satisfaction. It is this fire that fuels her creative momentum and gives life to gratitude and never ending “Outside the box” thinking.
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