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“Artwork should make you FEEL something, something so deep it’s undeniable.” -KAI Ka’iulani Wahinenoilama known as KAI, is a Hawaiian artist and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Being from a family of the world famous singer Don Ho, she grew up in a culture filled with artful music and movement. Her distinctive style emanates her culture and expresses the vibrant Aloha Spirit that is evident in everything she creates. KAI was discovered by the world renowned Marine Life artist, Wyland, who recognized her talent sculpting extreme cakes on the reality TV show “Cake Boss” and encouraged her to transform her talent to painting and permanent sculpting. KAI created original pieces to hold her first successful art show in 2017 at Wyland Galleries Laguna Beach, California. He has since become her greatest mentor. As a child KAI was inspired by the natural beauty of the world around her and she was driven to create deep within her soul. She is a self-taught artist with no professional training which gives her the ability to naturally create through feeling and is continually evolving reinventing herself. KAI keeps her collectors awestruck, never knowing what she will create next. The artist believes that beauty is found in the most humblest of places, and is especially drawn to the beautiful imperfections of life. Through her paintings we experience an extensive and fascinating perspective. It is evident, by those affected with intense emotions when they experience the feeling behind her art. KAI is one of the very first artists to have an exhibit on display at a Smithsonian Natural History Museum and she continues to push the boundaries of the art world. Truly living up to the meaning of her given name, Ka’iulani “Highest point in heaven”. Indeed, KAI has applied the strengths of her medium and developed her own inimitable style and is very versatile in her techniques and creations. Her artwork is sought after by prominent private art collectors and numerous celebrities including Clive Davis, Dionne Warwick, Fiji, Mariah Carey, Wyland, Michael Godard, Mike Tyson, Vince Neil, Jon Lovitz, Omarosa, Conor McGregor and many more, who all share the deeply emotional experience and are favorably impressed.
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