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Kira was born and raised in Central California. After high school, she moved to Southern California, where she completed her Masters level education in Social Work. Throughout this educational process, Kira worked within the fields of Human and Social Services, and continued to do so until September of 2006, when she chose to embark upon her journey as one of today's most celebrated sculptors on a fulltime basis.

As a first-generation descendant of Armenian immigrants, Kira was raised with an acute consciousness and compassion for the human condition. Coupled with her 15-year career as a Social Worker, Kira's insight and inspiration as an artist have come from the ever-present witnessing of this plight of the human spirit. The situations Kira has visited, and the lives that she has been asked to effect change and growth within, have nurtured within her an inconsolable compassion for the unsolicited emotion of the human condition itself.

Kira attributes a great deal of her unyielding determination and perfectionism as a sculptor to her greatest mentor and teacher, Richard MacDonald, whose encouragement has given her the courage necessary to pursue her passions without hesitation. Kira is also the Founder and Director of the non-profit organization Clay Kids for Health, where she holds workshops for hospitalized, abused, and neglected youth within Orange County and other parts of the world. Through the carefully constructed therapeutic landscape of her program, Kira sculpts with children of all ages in order to bring joy, relief, and healing into their challenging day to day lives.

In addition to showing her works of art in fine art galleries throughout the United States, Kira has also received international recognition as one of the greatest contemporary sculptors in the world, and continues to have museum exhibitions throughout Italy and parts of Europe. As an internationally acclaimed artist and avid humanitarian, the purpose of Kira's work is to represent the ultimate, uncensored human expression, and its struggle between what is seen as the perfection of Heaven, and what is known by so many as the strangely opposing debilitations of the physical world. When asked where this journey may indefinitely lead her, Kira explains that as long as there remains a need for the compassionate expression her experiences have afforded her somewhere in this world, she will continue to share her impassioned interpretation of the human condition, through her service to humanity and through this timeless medium of the sculpted form.
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